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The Property Manager is the trait d’union between homeowners and guests, the gear that makes the success of a short rental possible and that brings added value to the property and the guest. In fact, on the one hand he takes care of the houses that are entrusted to him, taking care of the property, taking care of the management and enhancement of the short-term rent, to guarantee security and income to the owners.

On the other hand, it is the point of reference for the guests right from the reception and for the entire duration of the entire experience of those who will live in the houses, even if for a short time.

Being a Property Manager is the ideal job for those who love the world of tourism and want to create their own business by managing and enhancing properties with a view to welcoming guests in environments where they can feel pampered for the duration of a stay.


In short, for those who think that there is nothing better than receiving, through their commitment, the gratification from a home owner who finally has a profitable property and that of guests who leave the house thanking them for the wonderful experience that It was given!

If you already have experience in the industry, so much the better! If not, do not panic: you can start this new adventure even without having work experience in this sector or be a real estate wizard. Like?


Leaning on CasaViva Service, your trusted partner!

Why become a Property Manager?

The reasons are many and all different …

In Italy vacant second homes abound, for the most part received as an inheritance. These potential sources of income often end up involving very high management, maintenance and taxation costs. But, thanks to the exponential growth of short-term rentals for homeowners, a new opportunity arose to generate income from a second home. Within this market, a new figure with a great opportunity for economic and professional growth is gaining momentum: the Property Manager.

In any case, whatever your motivation, CasaViva Service is the opportunity you were looking for.

Do you like working in contact with people?

A Property Manager establishes contact with people and finds his satisfaction in that of those in front of him.

Would you like to build something of your own?

A Property Manager aims to build something that is finally his own, an innovative business in a market that is always fascinating as that of tourism and hospitality.

Why is freedom priceless and working in tourism enhances this already fascinating concept of its own?

Then you must know that a Property Manager knows that freedom is priceless and wants to manage his agenda himself, without others deciding on his behalf.

What should a Property Manager do?

The following is a list of the tasks in which you should first specialize in order to carry out this activity. To start working with CasaViva you do not need to be already specialized or have particular skills in the bureaucratic and tax field.

It will be up to us to train you, illustrate the rental management business model and insert you into the network, taking care of the majority of these activities in the meantime:

    • Studying the real estate market, checking supply and demand, comparing similar properties to correctly assess the amount of the rent. The goal is to maximize the income of the property, guaranteeing the owner the highest earnings and the greatest number of bookings.
    • Manage the maintenance of the building, entrusting to external companies the cleaning, linen change and the management of any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance problem that allows the correct functioning of the systems.
    • Write a real estate ad complete with all relevant details. Leveraging the main OTA platforms such as, Expedia and Airbnb.
    • Selection of ideal tenants and negotiation of contractual details such as terms and conditions of the rental, length of stay, amount of the security deposit …
    • Check that the tenants comply with the contractual conditions and that they pay the rent according to the agreed deadlines, notifying any transgressions and using the legal tools available if disputes arise.
    • To generate the maximum profit from a property it is necessary that it is kept in excellent condition.
    • Manage the bureaucratic and fiscal aspects of short-term rentals such as: Management of all bureaucratic procedures for the opening of the short-term rental business, registration of the guest registry on the portal of the police headquarters (Alloggiati Web), collection of the tourist tax, subscription of the lease with the guest via strong signature.

    CasaViva, your trusted partner to entrust most of your duties as Property Manager

    CasaViva Service is a successful reality, which is why it is looking for collaborators to continue its expansion on the national territory.

    CasaViva Service works with a new concept of tourist hospitality. Which revolves around the vision of the house as a place of pleasure shared between the owner and the guest. In this context, the PM is able to provide guests – and consequently the owner – new lines and new functional balances for the use of the house as a vacation spot.

    And this is where CasaViva Service comes into play as the Property Manager’s trusted partner. Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field, we put Property Managers in the situation of being able to carry out their work with the certainty of having a partner at their side who has already corrected the mistakes that only happen to those who work hard and above all those who experiment.

    CasaViva Service carries out all the online tasks that would take away time from the Property Manager and commercial activity. We invest time and effort every day in the search for new solutions, especially today when technology offers us so many possibilities.

    If you join our network CasaViva Service offers you:

    • Contract to be made to the owner of the house for the management services offered by the Property Manager
    • Lease agreement for the guest who manages CVS online with strong signature
    • Management of all the bureaucratic part required by law
    • Collection management
    • Revenue management management
    • Management for the activity of the PM
    • A relationship with no fixed costs (pandemic proof)

    With the CasaViva Service Network you have a partner who takes care of 90% of your business for you. You PM just have to take care of the welcome, the relationship with the owner who is and will always be your customer, and the house. We take care of the rest.

    Choose CasaViva, your trusted partner

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