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Home Staging Services

Choose our Home Staging service, choose the unmistakable look of a real CasaViva!

    By now you have decided: your second home, which has been unused for years, is ready to turn into a secure return, thanks to short-term rentals. Too bad it’s upside down, in need of a refurbishment, either partially furnished or completely empty. And you have no time or desire to deal with it … Well, CasaViva takes care of it!

    The leap in quality that blends design and marketing.

    The home staging service we offer is our trademark: the transmission of a professionalism, a standard, a value line.

    In all these years of experience in the world of short-term rentals, we have experienced first-hand how much difference the renovations, the right finishes, the attention to detail make. Small and large solutions that increase the prestige of the accommodation and enhance its strengths.

    This is why we offer the possibility of renovating, modernizing or redecorating your accommodation, in compliance with the agreed budget and with the intervention of our professional designers.

      Prima e Dopo
      Prima e Dopo
      Janice Smith: Elderly People in Contemporary

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