Ligurian food and wine excellence -

Ligurian food and wine excellence

The region boasts numerous wine and food awards and accolades, ranks high in the excellence rankings, and has recently achieved other important milestones.

If our country were a home, Liguria would be the table; Ligurian food and wine excellences are the ‘pride of an area that presents itself to an international and domestic stage with the best prerequisites.

The great heritage of Ligurian Food&Bevarage strikes tourists from all over the world, with alternative proposals that originate from traditional recipes and mix with the most varied and daring novelties.

The strength of Ligurian food and wine excellence is its widespread presence throughout the territory, from the sea to the hinterland, from Levante to Ponente.

Taking a trip to Liguria means immersing yourself in a taste itinerary, even if you have not previously planned it.

Take the case of SlowFood, an international organization that promotes food and wine entities and products, operating in our country in several areas and with a well-established structure: Liguria holds an excellent number of awards and presidia.

When talking about rankings, numbers and awards, the different and multiple criteria that are adopted for selection must be considered; in the case of SlowFood awards they are mainly considered:

  • Link between food and territory
  • Respect for biodiversity
  • Environmental sustainability in production processes and supply chain
  • Promotion of healthy eating
  • Relationship product under consideration and ancient tradition of the area

In Liguria, there are many Food realities-mostly small and medium-sized ones-that embody values and characteristics compatible with what is required in order to receive designations, recognition and visibility.

An example of this are the trattorias recently awarded by SlowFood, they are located throughout Liguria, their typical dishes are the result of km0 production, sustainable and in harmony with the environment.

Over the years, Liguria has achieved an important milestone with the recognition of as many as 13 SlowFood presidia, or communities that work, manage and protect native breeds of foods of all types, with full respect for the environment, landscape and culture.

Let’s explore Ligurian principals in detail, distinguishing five macro areas: animals, vegetables, produce, fruits, and activities.

  1. Valleggia apricot, fruit harvested in summer, in the province of Savona
  2. Ponente black bee, climate-resistant insect that produces fabulous honey
  3. Albenga violet asparagus, is harvested in summer, in Savona
  4. Perinaldo artichoke, at the tip of western Liguria, harvested in spring
  5. Dried chestnut in the tacci of Calizzano and Murialdo, in the Bormida Valley, Savona hinterland
  6. Andora belendina onion, red onion, between the provinces of Imperia and Savona
  7. Croxetti di Varese Ligure, typical pasta from the Tigullio hinterland
  8. Beans from Badalucco, Conio and Pigna, harvested in autumn in the Imperia area
  9. Black rooster of the Val di Vara, a majestic breed of the La Spezia hinterland
  10. Brigasque sheep, a rustic animal native to the areas between Imperia and Provence
  11. Artisanal fishing in the Gulf of Noli, Savona, Italy.
  12. Cabannina breed, i.e., native cattle of the Genoa hinterland
  13. Rose syrup, available year-round, from the province of Genoa

Traditional Ligurian dishes enter modern culture and current events through gastronomic storytelling of all kinds, that is, stories that give voice to flavors, taste, and anything else that can frame a dish.

Visiting Liguria is also this, to be guided by the stories of foods to discover territories, villages and inland towns.

SlowFood presidia and award-winning trattorias are just two of many examples of possible taste itineraries, following these tracks it is possible to organize a vacation with stops that contemplate both the palate and the desire to visit unexplored places.

Want to come to Liguria to discover this and other attractions of this magnificent land? Book now one of the dozens of vacation homes that we have selected and manage directly to give our guests an unforgettable stay.

Pesto, Ligurian excellence.

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