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We want to make sure that you have a pleasant and satisfying experience during your stay with us. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill out the following survey and Evaluate some aspects of the stay, such as cleanliness, quality of services, and comfort of the accommodation. It will help us understand what we did well and what we can improve to provide you with even better service in the future.

(Give a grade from 1 to 5 where 1 is the lowest grade and 5 is the highest grade)

Cleaning the apartment

Order of furniture and equipment in the apartment

Simplicity and clarity of the web check-in procedure

Clarity of instructions for autonomous access.

Satisfaction of the stay

If you have already booked directly on our site, what made you decide to book on casaviva.house?

If you have already booked directly on our site,what element has inspired your confidence?

What elements would you like to have even more confidence in?

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