How to get to Punta Chiappa -

How to get to Punta Chiappa

A destination for hiking and snorkeling enthusiasts, Punta Chiappa is a strip of land that plunges into the Mediterranean Sea and the arrival of one of the most classic hikes to take in Liguria.

A corner of paradise on the Ligurian Riviera with a wild soul, Punta Chiappa is a has been named among the most beIle beaches in Italy. Every year, thanks to its charm, it is able to attract so many tourists who – despite the fact that it is not easily accessible – compete to get there!

Oh yes, because in order to enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear waters around this strip of land you will have only two options: reach it on foot along a path in the Portofino Natural Park, or by sea.

Punta Chiappa in fact is connected by sea with Camogli, Portofino and San Fruttuoso. For information on the schedules of the boats that call at Porto Pidocchio, a location near Punta Chiappa, you can contact the companies that provide the service: GOLFO PARADISO snc (from Camogli) or the TIGULLIO MARITIME SERVICES CONSORTIUM (from Portofino and San Fruttuoso).

But we, in this post, want to recommend the first option, to give you an unforgettable experience.

How to get to San Rocco on foot from Camogli

A path starts from Camogli that allows you to walk to San Rocco and from there continue to Punta Chiappa. The route unravels through the Camogli countryside and the unspoiled nature of Portofino Park: vegetable gardens, olive trees, fig trees, vineyards, elms and fruit trees will accompany you on the ascent to San Rocco di Camogli, the first stop on the hike to Punta Chiappa.

Climbing along the creuza you can enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the sea. On the other side of the landscape, beyond the fence, a few scattered dwellings and cultivated fields will tell you about what was the old local peasant economy.

The trail starts from a small landlocked side street of Cuneo Avenue, opposite the Carabinieri barracks: it is Via San Bartolomeo, the mule track that climbs inland skirting, in the first part, the Gentile stream.

JOURNEY TIME: 30 to 60 minutes with regular gait

How to reach San Rocco di Camogli by transportation

Alternatively, you can always decide to reach San Rocco, either by public or private transportation:

  • By bus: you can reach San Rocco by Amt buses that leave from Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure and Zoagli. Schedules can be found here.
  • By car: a few minutes’ walk from San Rocco there is a public parking lot, for a fee on holidays, (pay attention to the period: capacity is limited!).

From San Rocco to Punta Chiappa

First, enjoy the view from the forecourt of the Church of San Rocco. From there, continuing along Via Mortola will begin the staircase that runs along the western side of the Portofino Promontory toward Punta Chiappa.

Abandoning the rural landscape, the path now advances in the shade of the dense vegetation typical of the Mediterranean maquis overhanging the sea, and thus we arrive at San Nicolò Capodimonte, a locality characterized by its medieval church and breathtaking views.

Continuing to descend into the pristine greenery that gradually thins out, one arrives at Porto Pidocchio. It is an ancient and charming seaside village “decorated” with fishing nets spread out in the sun, boats and buildings overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy the catch of the day or other typical products in one of the small restaurants there, and then proceed to Punta Chiappa.

The tongue of land, the destination of your excursion in fact, is near: past Mulino del Moro locality the path, now carved into the rock, becomes a footbridge that will take you, at last, to Punta Chiappa.

JOURNEY TIME: around 30 minutes with regular gait (downhill)

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